HoopLifeTV was founded by Jordan Daly in June of 2019. After getting his feet wet with various different sport media outlets, Jordan wanted to combine the best aspects of each to form a new site – something that the writers and the readers could enjoy. Interested in joining the team? Check out our “Write For Us” page!

HoopLifeTV Mission Statement

HoopLifeTV combines a normal written article with some form of audio or visual to compliment the written work. Sometimes, words just aren’t enough and don’t always show any emotion. When it comes to basketball, emotion often drives the game, and it is something that shouldn’t be forgotten about in the media. HoopLifeTV aims to bring back the emotion for both the writer and the reader.

Business Inquiries

HoopLifeTV is always looking for business partners, sponsors, and promotional opportunities. For any business inquiries, please email Jordan at

Meet The HoopLifeTV Family!

Founder and CEO: Jordan Daly

Jordan Daly is the founder and CEO of HoopLifeTV. Before he had even turned 21, he had work published in major media outlets such as Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, SB Nation, and USA Today Sports. Jordan is a graduate from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management. As a Boston, Massachusetts native, his favorite NBA team is the Boston Celtics. For college basketball, Jordan is a fan of the Duke Blue Devils. Follow Jordan on Twitter and Instagram @JordanDalyNBA!

Senior Editor: Youssef El Minyawi

Youssef El Minyawi is one of the site managers for HoopLifeTV. After working with Jordan as site managers for another site, it was clear that he and Jordan were a power duo in terms of running a site. Living in Detroit, Youssef is a big fan of the Detroit Pistons. Along with Jordan, Youssef was also part of the original podcast crew as a part-time producer.

Director of Recruiting and Development: Ben Okazawa

Ben Okazawa is one of the site managers for HoopLifeTV. Ben started his career in writing as a writer for one of the sites that Jordan was managing. After quickly getting noticed, Ben made his way up the ladder to become an editor after only a month of writing. It was clear early on that Ben would be a force to be reckoned with in the sports media industry. Ben was also a member of the original podcast crew as a producer, as well as having a reoccurring role running the “Hot Takes” segment. Hailing from just outside of Toronto, Ben is a big fan of the Toronto Raptors. Ben is actively pursuing a sports journalism degree at Ryerson University.

Lead Editor: Michael White Jr.

Mike White is one of the lead editors for HoopLifeTV. With editorial experience and a true passion for the game, bringing Mike on to the HoopLifeTV fam was a no brainer! Mike is a loyal fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, and his passion for the game shines through the most when he gets a chance to talk about “The Show.” A father of two, Mike is a hardworking family man. Part of the original podcast crew as a co-host, Mike is a crucial part of the HoopLifeTV family.

Lead Editor: Stacey Collier II

Stacey Collier II is also a lead editor for HoopLifeTV. Stacey is the definition of a fan of the game. With no real favorite team, Stacey takes in all the game has to offer. With his favorite player being none other than LeBron James, Stacey has a good eye for talent. Stacey is often able to bring a unique perspective to the table, which is something that makes him an irreplaceable member of the HoopLifeTV family. Stacey was also part of the original podcast crew as a co-host and editor.


Chase Gage, Aldwin Napiza, Matt Huff, Mateo Navarrette, Eshan Bhatt, and E Maurice Davy