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C&C Sports Show Episode 3: The New Era Begins

Episode three ties in possible new beginnings for the notable names in sports. Stacey and Natasha tackle Jacksonville Jaguars’ star cornerback Jalen Ramsey’s trade request. Then, the duo discusses New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning’s demotion in favor of their first-round pick, Daniel Jones. Stacey


C&C Sports Show: The Antonio Brown Saga

In episode two, Stacey and Natasha cover the Antonio Brown story. The duo breaks down his issues with the Oakland Raiders, his sudden release, signing to the New England Patriots, and his sexual assault case. Also, Stacey and Natasha discuss whether Derrick Rose is worthy

C&C Sports Show: The Re-Introduction

Stacey Collier II and Natasha Clare return with an all-new podcast show. In the first episode, the duo talks about their favorite NFL teams, followed by Andrew Luck’s retirement, and the Jadeveon Clowney trade to the Seattle Seahawks. The heart of the episode surrounds the