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Adidas Basketball Shoes

Top 3 Adidas Basketball Shoes Designed by Players

Apparel has always been an important part of the culture surrounding basketball. Michael Jordan was one of the first players to partner with a company to create custom shoes that he wore during games and that people could purchase as well. Since then, many companies


New Colorways for Nike Air Force One Released

Any avid sneakerhead knows about the Nike Air Force Ones. They are one of the most iconic sneakers in urban culture and also have a heavy place in NBA culture as well. If you are a strong sneakerhead like me, then you most likely have

Hip Hop

Top Hip Hop Songs Named After NBA Players

Hip Hop and the NBA have a strong relationship. A lot of Hip Hop artists make courtside appearances at games., cheering on for their hometown team.  For example, Drake is the global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors have an October’s Very Own, which

NBA Free Agency

Ranking the NBA’s Best City Edition Jerseys

The NBA has become one of the most popular sports in not just the United States, but the world. With Nike taking over the NBA jerseys a couple of seasons ago, the marketing has made the brand even more popular. If one is a big-time

NBA Players as Hip-Hop Artists

NBA Players as Hip-Hop Artists: The Definitive List

The NBA and hip-hop have always been intertwined, and It will continue to be like that for the foreseeable future as well. With that in mind, one question always comes to every NBA fan’s mind who also listens to hip-hop: which rapper would be their